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More Frequent Deals On the Steam Store

Valve has announced a daily deals initiative offering deep (usually 50-75%) discounts for one game in addition to their current schedule of weekend deals and frequent weeklong developer discount showcases. The deal for today is pretty decent, $5 for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, the right sort of price for people interested in trying out a different sort of FPS. Everyone loves a discount and with Steam’s history of offering great deals this is a welcome move to highlight more games more often.

Looking at my steam list of games most of them were bought during a sale. Games such as Metro 2033, The Witcher, Crysis, Darksiders and Just Cause 2 were all great deals at some point and I’m looking forward to the deals in the future. The official Twitter feed is @steam_games if you want to be alerted to all the new deals and releases.